What we do

AluFactory Ltd is a dynamic and fast-growing manufacturer specialising in glazing systems, metal processing and off-site production of modular systems with own developed mechanically fixed brick slip cladding “Alu-Brik”. We deliver to our customers advanced high-quality construction solutions for a varied range of buildings and facilities.

We continually follow the latest trends within the industry and continue to search for innovative technologies and systems to provide our customers with top quality solutions and to boost the productivity and growth of the industry.

AluFactory Ltd are proud that we have a proven ability to undertake and execute projects of any scale and complexity, this is achieved with the help of our team of professionals – with their extensive knowledge and many years of experience in design, production and assembly into practice.


A good project is the basis of a good result. We provide design services – our qualified engineers develop projects according to the technical requirements as well as local and international standards, using up-to-date software, technologies and materials to identify and optimise project costs at the earliest stage possible.

During the design phase of the project, our construction engineers will find the optimal solution for product, construction and component development, as well as provide advice on how best to implement your vision, whilst maintaining the highest quality standards and ensuring compliance with industry standards, the specifications and form of the object.

When designing the project, we will take into account the wishes of the client, the various aspects of the building and its environment in order to make the components practical, aesthetically pleasing, economical, and safe and durable.


AluFactory Ltd is best described by its’ ability to deliver cutting edge solutions with a team of professionals possessing many years of experience in designing, manufacturing, supplying and constructing, standard and non-standard aluminium structures that are manufactured at our own factory in Latvia. This experience enables us to deliver to the highest quality and expectation at every stage of the project, taking into consideration both the requirements of the customer and the functionality of the particular building element. Along with offering a full service cycle, we work in close partnership with our customers and their Design Team, sharing responsibility and expertise throughout our work for efficient project delivery – from the development of the original idea, through the various stages of the construction and maintenance of the object.


Our reputation as high-quality aluminium construction experts is founded on our long-standing and broad experience in the field.

Our manufacturing plant employs knowledgeable experts with a professional approach to their work who will always make sure that there are no mistakes or inaccuracies that could later affect the quality of the finished product.

AluFactory 's production process is certified according to international standards, and the guarantees which we provide are always in line with the best European practices. Through the use of modern automated equipment and the application of the experience and skills of our staff, we can guarantee the best result.


Our customers are our partners, and we make their needs a priority.

We will do our best to make sure that you have received the best possible solutions for your requirements and have been provided with the best products, this undertaking extends even after the work on the project has ended.

Our team will ensure that you receive reliable, competent and timely advice to help you choose the best design solutions for your project and provide reliable and professional service throughout the life of your project.

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