How the approach works

Unitised facades consist of prefabricated and assembled units which can be moved directly from the factory assembly line to the site for fast installation onto pre-prepared fixings. Typically, unitised facades are the width of a glazing bay and are one or two storeys high. The panels are fully glazed and sealed off-site, with gaskets and glazing beads pre-installed in factory-controlled conditions, instead of on-site.

This approach can be used for technically challenging projects, as well as fast track schemes, new build, and refurbishment. In addition new designs can be developed for to create more complex and bespoke facades.
Contrary to popular belief unitised facades do not dictate bland uniformity- in fact, an infinite range of design variations is possible within the facade structure, with a mix of panel sizes, colours and materials.

Conventional cladding can also be eliminated because the unitised panels that we produce can hold the stone and a variety of ventilated rain screen cladding, as well as glass and a brick cladding system developed by AluFactory Ltd - Alu-Brick Cladding. The main advantage of this is that it gives a single point of responsibility for the entire building envelope, makes it easier to manage and there are no difficult interfaces between different cladding systems by different contractors.

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