The advantages

Discover the benefits of our modular facade design and construction solution:

-Enhanced Aesthetics: Create your unique design with a wide variety of aesthetic options, including finishes, infills, feature caps,
and glazing specifications.

- Versatile Designs: Customise your facade with options like stone, metal, or brick cladding, windows, doors, fixed lighting glazing,
brise soleil, and photovoltaic panels.

- Faster Completion: Save time with up to 70% reduced installation time, meeting the growing demand for expedited project

- Improved Safety: Enjoy safer on-site conditions as units can be installed without working at height on scaffolding.
Efficient Space Use: Optimise storage and material handling, ideal for restricted city centre sites.
Superior Quality: Experience precision-engineered facade systems crafted in a controlled production environment for enhanced

- Eco-friendly Approach: Benefit from our factory-based waste control measures that reduce environmental impact and costs
from wastage, loss, and damage.

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