Brick cladding by Alufactory "Alu-Brick Cladding"

A facing-brick-finish remains ever-popular within European architecture, however, increasing development in modern building techniques is now sitting alongside more traditional construction methods. Brick cladding systems are offering architects and contractors increased advantages in design options, speed of construction, and cost-savings.

Our brick cladding system Alu-Brick Cladding has been developed with an aim to add a contemporary finish to unitised systems. The benefit of Alu-Brick Cladding, is that we can install almost any brick type produced by any brick fabricator into our designed stainless steel rail. This is carried out at our factory where pre-cut 30 mm brick slips are mechanically fixed to the rails and subsequently finished with a mortar pointing solution offering an infinite range of colours.

Our system Alu-Brick Cladding is provides an A1 fire rated finish.

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